Born out of a cooperation between Porsche, VW and Karmann, the 914 is the first production sports car with a longitudinally mounted mid-engine. The power in combination with the low weight and the optimal weight distribution gives you go-kart feelings. The targa roof intensifies the driving pleasure in sunshine. The design of the 914 combines practical approaches with daring lines - a real eye-catcher whose boxer sound makes you sit up and take notice.


One of the most ingenious car designers was probably Colin Chapman. The Englishman had a maxim that determined his works: "Take away everything unnecessary and then add lightness". With this, he won several titles in various racing series and enlivened the streets with fast, agile and stylistically successful cars. The Lotus Elan plus 2 embodies this approach, as its steel frame with the attached body made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic promises the lightness that, together with the advanced technology - engine with two overhead camshafts, chassis with four disc brakes and independent suspension - conveys pure driving pleasure.


Lancia unveiled the elegant Fulvia 1.2 Coupé at the Turin Motor Show in March 1965. With its timeless, graceful design, the Fulvia Coupé is considered Pietro Castagnero's masterpiece. The Fulvia had front-wheel drive, which was very advanced for its time, disc brakes, and an elaborate chassis that provided excellent roadholding. Lancia won numerous rallies and circuit races with this car. A chance to drive and experience a milestone of automotive culture. 


The body line of the Karmann-Ghia is the basis of its success. The Italian Luigi Segre, an employee of Carrozzeria Ghia in Turin, designed the incomparable shape together with Felice Mario Boano. The reliable technology comes from Volkswagen and enables a casual driving experience that combines locomotion with pleasure. This car is particularly suitable for excursions with picnics or weddings.


A means of transport for an entire generation, an icon of the hippie movement, and it's still running. The VW Beetle is the only car to have been given an animal name that reflects its memorable, natural shape. It's easy to drive and the affection shown to the Beetle radiates to the driver as well. Perfect for a trip to the countryside, or a flower-power wedding.


The Mercedes-Benz W 111 was also known among enthusiasts as the "Big Fin". From the beginning of 1965, an estate version was produced under licence from Daimler-Benz at I.M.A. Belgium under the name "Universal" to Mercedes quality specifications. IMA station wagons are considered the only "official" station wagons of the tailfin models because of the cooperation agreements with Daimler-Benz. With this car, you glide regally through the countryside and have room for family, picnic or groomsmen.


The flowing shape of the Spider, combined with the incomparable sound and power of the classic Alfa engine, convey dolce vita in its purest form. The Spider became famous in the film Die Reifeprüfung with Dustin Hofmann and is still an icon in the automotive firmament today. Perfect to drive to an enjoyable dinner followed by an espresso.


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