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 About the 
Boy Capel Challenge 
In 1990 Oliver von Boch organised a rally from Berlin via Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Milan to the south of France. 250 friends from all over the world took part in the „Spirit of Europe“ and saw European history in the making. A quarter of a century later he and Nicola von Doenhoff, Organiser of the Nürburgring Oldtimer Grand Prix, launched the first „Boy Capel Challenge“. In 2017 the 3rd Challenge ended successfully in Saint-Tropez and in 2018 our roadtrip led us from Florence to Rome. 2019 we drove from Venice to St. Moritz.
The Cars 
The older, the faster, the better! 
The Challenges 
Go-kart racing, orientation, regularity, skeet, karaoke and a lot more ... 
The Hotels & Private Residences 
Charming hotels and private houses have been selected to experience the full beauty of Barcelona, the Pyrenees and the Côte d’azur 
The Dinners & Lunches 
Lunches and dinners will take place at a special selection of exceptional restaurants and private houses on the way. 
The Party 
The final black an white party will be the grand finale of the tour be the grand finale and will be held by Rolf Sachs at his house in Saint Tropez.